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20-year-old Irondequoit H.S. grad dies from carbon monoxide poisoning | News

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20-year-old Irondequoit H.S. grad dies from carbon monoxide poisoning
20-year-old Irondequoit H.S. grad dies from carbon monoxide poisoning

For the second time in one month, another person has died of carbon monoxide poisoning in Monroe County.

Heather Turpyn was 20 years old. She lived on Ellison Street in the city. Timothy Parmele, who is 24, was also in the home and was taken to the hospital early Wednesday morning. Both are Irondequoit High School graduates.

Firefighters really want to get the word out that carbon monoxide detectors save lives. The fire chief says that the power was turned off to the apartment. It happened overnight Wednesday at 300 Ellison Street on the city's northeast side near Clifford Avenue.

Fire Chief John Caufield says there was a gasoline generator operating in the house when they arrived and he says the woman's death was directly related to the fumes from the generator.

There was no ventilation and the carbon monoxide built up quickly overnight while they were sleeping and there was no carbon monoxide detector in the house. “We believe the 24-year-old man in the house did call. He was disoriented. This was about 6:30 in the morning. As soon as we went in we had indications there was a problem with some sort of fumes where people were overcome.”

Neighbor Todd Griffin said, “It's just so sad that around the holiday time, around Christmas, that something this tragic would happen and they were good people and good neighbors and they were just trying to keep warm.”

The fire chief said the effects of carbon monoxide affects people differently and tends to build up over time. The woman was found unresponsive and she died at the hospital.

Chief Caufield says not having a working carbon monoxide detector is a code violation. Because someone died, it’s up to the Monroe County District Attorney’s office to determine whether there are possible criminal charges for neglect against the apartment house owner.


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