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Meet September and October's Do the Right Thing Winners | Community Service

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Meet September and October's Do the Right Thing Winners

Encouraging students and recognizing them for outstanding acts of kindness is what the "Do the Right Things Awards" are all about.

Today, the Rochester Police Department announced nine new winners.

News 10NBC is proud to be a sponsor of the program that honors students across Monroe County who prove to be positive role modesl. The winners for September and October will be featured individually on News 10NBC over the next few weeks.

Here are the winners from the City of Rochester:

Bushra Mamdoh, 9th grade, Thomas Jefferson High School
Bushra called 911 for her father who is disabled and whom she found passed out. Bushra calmly described to the 911 operator what was happening to her father, followed the 911 operator's instructions and monitored her father's condition until help arrived. Bushra came to the United States from Iraq in 2008, and is excellent student who loves reading, cooking and helping her family.

Jonee Mathews, 7th grade, Urban Choice Charter School
Jonee and her cousin were at school in May enjoying lunch when her cousin began to choke. Jonee reacted by hitting him in the back, this action caused the food item to dislodge, allowing for her cousin, Calvin to breath. Calvin was okay and both cousins laughed about the incident.

Linda and Jessica Carey, 7th and 8th grade, School Without Walls
Virginia Sawdey, a daycare provider, neighbor and Pac-Tac volunteer nominated sisters Linda and Jessica. Sawdey is 87 years old and has been dealing with serious medical issues and needed assistance getting to an important eye appointment. On July 27, Linda and Jessica volunteered to walk Ms. Sawdey to her appointment. The girls took each of Ms. Sawdey's hands, making sure she didn't fall. They arrived to the appointment early and both girls waited at the office during the Ms. Sawdey's appointment. They then had lunch with her, walked her back home and made sure she was inside in her home safely before they left. They also help take care of her dog while she was unable to and sent her get well cards.


Jamir Davis, 3rd grade, James P.B. Duffy School Number 12
Jamir called 911 to report a fight involving youth and possible weapons. He provided information on both the victim and suspects, the information provided allowed officers to respond immediately helping defuse the situation.

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