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Not your usual doctor's office | Arts & Culture

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Not your usual doctor's office
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Not your usual doctor's office

It's not an art gallery but you might think that when you step off the elevator onto the third floor of the Flaum Eye Institute on Crittenden Drive.

You're greeted with a beautiful piece of stained glass by local glass artist Valerie O'Hara. Her work is all over the place. If you look up, you'll see rows and rows of colorful stained glass-- a sculpture that hangs from a skylight.

No, this isn't your usual doctor's office.

There are 36,000 patient visits a year here. Dr. Steven Feldon, director of the Eye Institute says, “We believe that a place you come for eye care should be a celebration of vision."  Dr. Feldon says patients with vision problems, many of whom are referred here, aren't expecting this. "Many of them come back for many weeks in a row. They can look forward to coming back. They're not seeing green walls and low ceilings."

Art is everywhere. There is wearable art like scarves and ties with stained glass images on them.

There are fun pieces in the waiting area for children and Dr. Feldon says there is a big emphasis on glass art. “We really like the idea of glass art primarily because its this idea of light and what light does and  or course it requires  light for us to see."

Some of the prints are by artist Treacy Ziegler was under Dr. Feldon's care. You can find her work in museums and private galleries. Dr. Feldon says she donated several pieces to the Eye Institute because she can relate to what patients here go through.

"They can see these pieces of art and recognize they are still able to use their vision productively."

Arts & Culture, News

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