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Golisano makes $20-million donation to help build new children's hospital in Rochester | Community Service

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Golisano makes $20-million donation to help build new children's hospital in Rochester
Golisano makes $20-million donation to help build new children's hospital in Rochester

There are miracle children like Cory Milburn because of Golisano Children’s Hospital. Today, there was another big gift from the man who helps make miracles happen.

Billionaire Tom Golisano gave the hospital a $20-million check Thursday morning. He surprised everyone because he was originally going to give $18-million.

The money is going to help build a new, stand alone children's hospital -- that may turn out being the best outside New York City. It will be located on Crittenden Boulevard next to the Wilmot Cancer Center.

Sometimes it's hard to imagine what $20-million looks like but just imagine it through the eyes of a four year old boy.

Cory Milburn was born 25 weeks early. He weighed just over one pound. His mother Patti said, “We had two distinct times when they said we really don’t think Cory is going to make it. The first time we held him when was the time they said say goodbye and we held him and we said Cory it's okay if you have to go, you fought hard.”

But after more than 100 days in Golisano Children's Hospital -- Cory made it. He's now a healthy four year old boy and living testimony to what the children's hospital can do.

Now it's only getting better. Tom Golisano donated $20-million to help build a new, bigger children's hospital.

News 10NBC spoke with Golisano after he shared ice cream with children who were patients at the hospital. He said, “When you have two or three families a week either write you a letter, stop you on the street, call you on the phone and say what a wonderful place Golisano Children's Hospital is -- how could you not want to do it? It's the most rewarding gratifying thing I've ever done.”

University of Rochester President Joel Seligman said, “He (Golisano) is our generation's George Eastman.”

A gift of $20-million helps miracles happen for families in need.
The new hospital might attract more doctors and researchers and be on the cutting edge of children's care. But one of the most important things for families -- is that it will give each child a room of their own and much needed privacy for their moms and dads.

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