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"Match day" at University of Rochester Medical Center | Community Service

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"Match day" at University of Rochester Medical Center

It was a sight to see -- shouts of joy from medical students at the University or Rochester after wrapping up four years of hard work.

It's not graduation – it’s “match day” -- the day fourth-year medical students across the country find out where they'll be matched for the next few years of their lives as resident doctors.

Two friends told News 10NBC they hoped to be in the same city for their residencies. The two women grew up in the Rochester area and it was always their dream to go medical school at the U of R.

They met before orientation and spent the next four years together but everyone could feel the tension in the room as they and more than a hundred of their classmates waited to hear their fate today.

It's a safe bet most of the medical students were feeling the same emotions as they waited for the clock to strike 12. That's when 24,000 med students across the United States open letters at the same time -- notifying them where they'll be working as resident doctors.

After submitting applications and going on interviews, schools make a list of residents they want and the students make a list of schools they want.

“I'll take anywhere. Plastic surgery is extremely competitive, so I'm happy to have a spot in any program.” Michelle Coriddi is going to be a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Her friend since day one of medical school -- Jamie Adams -- is going to be a neurologist. Adams said, “We're kind of similar people and fun and we became instant friends. There's definitely been some hard times, but for the most part, med school has been amazing. It's been amazing. I've learned a lot and I'm really excited about the next step.”

Excited yet nervous. It was mad dash to pick up their letters and the room quickly filled with cheers and tears. Not just from the students but from the people who got them through the last four years.

Senior Associate Dean Dr. David Lambert said, “You help these individuals along and you want them to get what will make them happy.”

How did the two friends make out? Coriddi is headed to Ohio State while Adams is going to stay in the area for a year and then on to the University of Pennsylvania. They are not so close after all, but they are okay with it. Adams said, “I’m just so relieved and excited and proud of myself and my classmates.

The students were matched at residence programs in every state and 15-percent of them will stay in Rochester.

Dr. Lambert expects the class of 2011 to represent the U of R very well, wherever they wind up.

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