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Police: Driver was high at time of crash that killed seven-year-old boy | Crime

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Police: Driver was high at time of crash that killed seven-year-old boy
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Police: Driver was high at time of crash that killed seven-year-old boy

Police say had been smoking marijuana when his car drove wildly out of control hitting and killing a seven-year-old boy in a school yard and injuring an eight-year-old girl.

Now five months after the deadly crash, the driver is facing charges and a mother whose son went to school and never came home, is finding some relief.

James Bradley is behind bars and no longer behind the wheel. The 51-year-old Rochester man is charged with manslaughter, assault and driving while under the influence of drugs.

News 10NBC spoke with Bradley about the deadly crash exclusively this summer. Then, he said he was saddened by what had happened and vowed for the time being at least to stop driving.

“I don't know. I passed out I may have had a seizure. I'm not sure. That's up to the doctors to tell me.” Those were the words of James Bradley six weeks after his SUV plowed through a field at School No. 33, striking and killing Sahmir Williams and injuring his classmate Kaili Garcia.

Assistant District Attorney Perry Duckles said, “Based upon the charges in the indictment the allegations are that he recklessly caused the death of Sahmir Williams and injured Kali Garcia.”

Court documents say Bradley was high on marijuana. Back in June, News 10NBC asked him about alcohol but didn't ask about drugs.

Reporter: “Were you drinking that day?”
Bradley: “No, nothing cause I had to go to my dad, watch out for my dad. Again he's bedridden.”

Bradley has been charged with manslaughter for Sahmir's death, assault for the injuries to Kaili and driving high on marijuana.

Duckles wouldn't comment on whether Bradley had a seizure or whether he was tested for alcohol and drugs the day of the crash. “The grand jury reasonably found or had reason to believe when looking at everything, the death of Sahmir Williams and the injury to Kaili Garcia was recklessly caused by Mr. Bradley.”

Sahmir's mother, Layla Frasier, has since left Rochester. News 10NBC spoke with her by phone after leaving court. She said, “I'm happy that something is being done. I can't honestly sit here and say it's a resolution for me because I still don't have my son and no matter what happens with Mr. Bradley that fact is never going to change.”

If convicted of the charges against him, Bradley could face a maximum of five to 15 years in prison.

He is being held without bail in the Monroe County Jail and is due back in court on Wednesday at which time he will be assigned an attorney.

Crime, News

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