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Arrested protestors appear in court Monday | Crime

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Arrested protestors appear in court Monday
	Arrested protestors appear in court Monday

Eighteen protestors were arrested Saturday. Police say 150 to 200 people were on East Avenue near the Inner Loop, blocking traffic and creating an unsafe situation. After warnings, police started arresting people.

The protestors appeared in court Monday. All eighteen of them were charged with disorderly conduct. One was also charged with resisting arrest.

Disorderly conduct arrests

Richard Yaniak, 29, of Rochester
David-Josiah Krause, 23, homeless
Lisa Bozzino, 28, of Rochester
Patrick Krebbeks, 28, of Rochester
Ashley Messer, 24, of Rochester
Matthew Richardson, 33, of Buffalo
Lynn Giglio, 31, of Pavilion
Jacqueline Havck, 16, of Frankfurt
Joseph Day, 20, of Binghamton
Hamaza Sinama, 30, of Utica
Edward Lawton, 29, of Buffalo
Emily Good, 29, of Rochester
Vincent Verduzco, 53, of Buffalo
Samantha Colon, 32, of Buffalo
Benjamin Harrigan, 21, of Buffalo
Jacob Roszak, 23, of Rochester
Jason Eldrige, 25, of Rochester
Robert Kream, 22, of Syracuse(also charged with resisting arrest)

Emily Good has a history with police. She was arrested last June after she was asked to stop videotaping an officer while he made an arrest outside her home. 


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