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Arrest made in Winton Road robbery | Crime

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Arrest made in Winton Road robbery
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Arrest made in Winton Road robbery

Police make an arrest in a robbery in the North Winton neighborhood but should he have been in jail already?

Neighbors are crediting police with the arrest but blaming a judge for him being on the street.

Rochester Police arrested 36-year-old Daniel Bovee for robbery but he was awaiting a trial for similar charges dating back to last October.

Either way, neighbors say they're relieved.

“We are a community that will not allow the bad guys to take over.” Mary Coffey is breathing a lot easier today.

Police have arrested Daniel Bovee and charged him with at least one in a series of robberies in the North Winton Village. Coffey is co-chair of the Winton Village Neighborhood Association. She questions why this man was walking the streets to begin with. “I think this is an example that we have to hold our judges accountable as we hold our police accountable and that they've go to stop coddling criminals at the expense of the rest of  the city.”

Coffey is referring to Bovee's history with police. In addition to these new charges he was indicted late last year for robbery.

Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Bill Gargan said, “There are three counts that are currently pending. Two are robbery in the third degree. The other is grand larceny in the third degree. That case involved two separate instances of robbery.”

Those crimes happened last October. The Chase bank on Titus Avenue was robbed and 10 days later a cleaners on Norton Street was hit.

News 10NBC asked Gargan why Bovee wasn't behind bars for those crimes. Gargan says he requested a high bail. “We did not consent to him being released. Ultimately he was released to contact supervision with the pre-trial services, but again that over our objection.”

Thursday night, Rochester Police arrested Bovee for a robbery at CVS on Winton Road and an attempted robbery at a 7-Eleven in Irondequoit but police think he is responsible for five others including robberies at a Mobil Mart and Summit Federal Credit Union.

Police credit the community. “If we stand by and watch this happen, we're as guilty of the people doing the crime because we are enabling it.”

Gargan says Bovee is accused of committing these new crimes while out on a pre-trial release. He says these new allegations are connected to illegal drug use.

Crime, News

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