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Rochester Police Union answers racial profiling accusations | Crime

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Rochester Police Union answers racial profiling accusations
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Rochester Police Union answers racial profiling accusations

Mike Mazzeo heads the Rochester Police officer's union. He says his officers are getting threats now after the arrest of a woman who videotaped a traffic stop.

The Rochester Police Locust Club says there are inaccuracies in statements made by Emily Good and that's led to some serious safety concerns for officers.

The latest chapter in this story came today when the police officers' union president said serious threats have been made against his officers. These threats are mostly from the internet -- although police claim strangers have done drivebys past the arresting officer's house and the police officers' union says its members are taking these threats seriously.

The video shows police officers making a traffic stop. Emily Good who lives on the street says she saw flashing lights outside and started recording the officers. She and friends who are witnesses claim there was just one person in the car. He was handcuffed and later let go after police searched the car.

The police union says the police report says there were actually three occupants of the vehicle. “The agenda of Miss Good confronting our officers that night has led to serious concerns for the safety and welfare of our officers who serve this community.”

Union president Mike Mazzeo says Miss Good's message -- that citizens have a right to interfere and question the actions of a police officer -- is irresponsible. “Miss Good's statements to the officers, quote, 'These are my friends. What's going on?' Her statement heightened the officer's concern that she had some type of affiliation with these gang members. Miss Good's close proximity behind the officers was the point of concern, not her video taping on her property.”

Late this afternoon, Ryan Acuff responded for Emily Good. He was one of the witnesses. “She was video taping. I was standing next to Emily the whole time and the officer never questioned me. He never threatened me. Obviously he never arrested me and it was clearly about the video taping. That was the only difference between Emily and I.”

We also asked about the four city police officers shown writing tickets on Emily Good supporters' car for being parked more than 12 inches away from the curb after the video came to light. Mazzeo said, “Could there be better judgment? Maybe yes, maybe no. They were enforcing violations that day on that street and they were correct and they had that right.”

Mazzeo says if Good had simply complied with the officer and gone to her porch or inside her home, no further action would have taken place that night.

Crime, News

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