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Police investigating shooting on Jay Street

A 24-year-old Rochester man was injured in a shooting on the City’s west side. It happened around 12 p.m.

Police tell News10NBC they were called to Jay Street for a shotspotter activation and possible fight. When officers arrived, there was no fight but they did find a man who had been shot once.

While officers were on the scene, they received a description of suspect. One of the officers saw a man who fit the description but when he went to speak with him, he took off. Police were able to catch up with him on Smith Street and take him into custody. At this time, it’s unclear if he is involved in the shooting.

The victim was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The investigation is ongoing.

Deputy Mayor pleaded not guilty to drunk driving charges

Rochester Deputy Mayor Leonard Redon pleaded not guilty to drunk driving charges and surrendered his driver’s license in court Thursday morning.

State police say they pulled Redon over on Route 490 near South Clinton Avenue last month and charged him with DWI, speeding and having an expired inspection. After the arrest, News10NBC learned he gave his resignation to Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, but she did not accept it. Redon returned to work the following week.

Redon's attorney says his client's recent diabetes diagnosis should be taken in consideration. His attorney says people with diabetes produce a chemical that could throw off breathalyzer tests.

Stolen trailer found abandoned in Rochester parking lot

The cargo trailer that was reported stolen earlier this week has been found less than two miles from where it originally went missing.

The trailer housed a finished handicap ramp that was on its way to be delivered when it was reportedly taken by a dark colored truck.

The witness, Brian Kerbs, who recognized the trailer from News10 NBC’s footage earlier this week, said that the black trailer was sitting unclaimed in the far corner of the parking lot of his company’s business on Lee Road. When police arrived they looked inside the trailer and discovered the ramp material.

Miguel Millan, the owner of the trailer, says that about 30% of the materials are missing. He’s already alerted scrap yards around the city so they can be on the lookout for the stolen material.

Court date for doctor charged in Rowley Street investigation postponed

A local psychiatrist, accused of moving the body of a missing man to his backyard, was supposed to be in court Thursday but his case has been postponed until next week.

Dr. William Lewek's lawyers were supposed to argue he should be placed in a program that would treat a drug addiction, known as the judicial diversion program. Lawyers say it could reduce charges and reduce a sentence. Lewek applied to the program late last month, but prosecutors opposed the idea, saying the program is for drug addicts who commit crimes to fuel their drug habit. Prosecutors claim Lewek does not fit this case.

Lewek was charged with tampering with evidence and possession of cocaine after police discovered the body of missing man Matthew Straton partially buried in Lewek's Rowley Street back yard in January.

Rochester teen hit by car on Dewey Avenue dies

A beautiful girl with a great personality is how loved ones are remembering a 17-year-old who was hit and killed while crossing a busy street.

Brittany Burgio was crossing Dewey Avenue near the city line, walking back from 7-Eleven when she was hit around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday. 

Family and friends of 17-year-old Brittany Burgio are leaning on one another Wednesday, trying to process what happened to the teen whose life they say was just beginning.

April Burgio, Brittany’s mom, said, “It is unreal. It really is. I feel like I’m in a dream. I just wish I could wake up from it.”

April Burgio is still in shock. She lost her 17-year-old daughter Tuesday night. Brittany Burgio was right around the corner from her house, walking back from 7-Eleven Tuesday night when she was hit by a car.

Burgio said, “She was my only daughter, she was going to be 18 in July."

Arrest made in Visions Federal Credit Union robbery

Police have arrested a 41-year-old Rochester man on robbery and grand larceny charges.

Rochester Police say Ronald Gilliam robbed Visions Federal Credit Union on East Main Street Friday morning.

Police say Gilliam suspect entered the bank and handed the teller a note demanding money. Police say he took off with an undisclosed amount of cash. 

Mayor Warren requests funding for new police quadrant system

The City of Rochester is preparing to make serious changes to the way police officers serve and protect our community. On Friday, we've learned Mayor Lovely Warren has asked for money from the state to fund a new police quadrant system.

Right now, officers in the city are split between covering the east and west sides, but the new system would instead split them into four groups -- to better respond to emergencies in certain areas.

Mayor Lovely Warren says, "It's going to be a plan that we will talk to the community about, that we will talk to city council about and get people's input before we actually move that way."

Warren says she's not sure yet how much the quadrant system will cost. We're waiting to get an update on how the city will be divided up, Chief Michael Ciminelli will be submitting a plan to the mayor next month.