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Brooks vs. Slaughter in 2012? | News

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Brooks vs. Slaughter in 2012?
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There is speculation County Executive Maggie Brooks could consider running for the 29th Congressional seat. It's the seat held by Congresswoman Louise Slaughter. Today, News 10NBC asked Slaughter what she thinks of the possibility.

On Wednesday, News 10NBC’s Rich Funke asked Brooks “Do you aspire to a higher office?” Her answer? “Well everybody always asks that.”

The question came up during an interview with Brooks Wednesday night on News 10NBC at 5:30 one day after she won the County Executive's seat for an unprecedented third term.

Brooks said, ‘If it presents itself, I would be not truthful if I said I wouldn't consider it. But I love serving this community, so no matter what I do whether its County Executive or move to something else in the future, my goal is to continue to serve the people of Monroe County as effectively as I can.”

While brooks didn't say what that something else would be, her former opponent, democrat Sandra Frankel says Brooks is considering a run for Congress.

In a letter to her supporters Frankel says, “I understand that she is planning on running for Congress next year against Congresswoman Louise Slaughter."

Today, News 10NBC asked Slaughter about it. “There's so many people interested in my seat. Often times you shake somebody's hand and people try to take my pulse.”

Slaughter says she's very much alive and has no plans to retire. “I consider all opponents formidable and certainly we don't have any idea what the districts going to look like as of yet so.”

Slaughter is talking about redistricting in New York State. 2010 census figures show a population loss. That will translate into a loss of two of our 29 congressional seats.

“I'm very hopeful that the current seat held by Congresswoman Louise Slaughter will get more contiguous and brought back in to Monroe County.” Senator Joe Robach says a special commission is working on the redistricting and says a decision could come in January. In the meantime, he says there's lots of speculation. “Some people think they'll lose that new seat that was won by a Republican for the first time in decades in New York City in decades and decades will be going downstate and the trade off will be and the trade off will be there will be one merged seat up here.”

Robach says that is just speculation. Right now all 29 seats are up for evaluation.

Slaughter is serving her 13th term. She was first elected in 1986.

News, People, Politics

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